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Why Chit Fund?

Chit funds have been playing a stellar role even before the advent of modern banking era, incoming to rescue of the needy at affordable terms.

CHIT provides a good source of finance for different types of people viz., small investors, businessmen, small scale industrialists etc.

This system has numerous built-in advantages due to which people prefer this option over other formal institutions.These are :-

  •   Tax Free Dividend
  •   Easy Accessibility
  •   User-friendly service
  •   Absence of latent cost
  •   No Periodic interest hikes
  •   Exit Options with nominal charges

The subscribers trust us to take care of their hard-earned money and realize, they can bank on us when in urgent need of funds for any purpose, be it Medical, Education, Marriage, House Purchase, Travel etc. Though chit fund is equally popular across all categories, whether salaried, business or even housewife, it is the Small & medium entrepreneurs who reap the maximum benefits of chit funds for their business start-up, expansion as well as working capital, as unlike banks, we are much more supportive and understand their needs and try to service it in a quick & efficient manner.

How Chit Fund Helps?

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